True Stories Of Tinseltown

April VeVea And I Talk Stage Mothers. Some Were Pushy, But Still Loved By Their Daughters..Today We Talk Jean Harlows Mother Jean..

April 30, 2022

April and I are doing series on stage moms. Today we talk Jean Harlows Mother Jean. M Jean loved The Baby, but also wanted to be a star in her own right. It just didn't happen so the baby became a huge star and paid for all her moms bills and for her sleazoid stepfathers as well. Shouldn't a mooching step dad of a star look like a million in his fancy duds?? He certainly thought so. Compared to other stage Moms M Jean was a pussycat. Our later moms, not so much.

Thanks so much to Deborah that emailed me and suggested the topic. 

Hope you enjoy.

Thanks of course to April. She is da best.

Most of all thanks to the listeners. I so appreciate it. 

Love you mucho!!



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Looking forward to George Stevens Jr. He wrote a fab book on his dad and his struggle to be his own person. He did that and so much more. He talks the peeps he met in Hollywood, then he made his way to Washington and discusses that. Book isn't out yet, but so well written and I read it whenever I could..