True Stories Of Tinseltown

I Speak To Author Robert Matzen about his book Fireball: Carole Lombard And The Mystery Of Flight Three

January 22, 2020

I talk to Robert Matzen about Carole Lombard and her fatal plane crash. He tells us theories on the flight. How Carole flying or taking the train was chosen by a toss of a coin. She and Clark Gables life up to the crash and Clark after the crash. Is it true the fight they had before she left was about Lana Turner? Carole was the first Hollywood star going on the road to sell war bonds. She sold millions of dollars worth of them. Robert not only talks about the loss of Carole, her mom and Otto, but of all the doomed passengers on flight 3. Certainly not a feel good podcast, but filled with loads of info we never knew. How such a beautiful, vital woman's life was extinguished on the side of a mountain in Nevada


Thanks so much to Robert. He was great.


Mostly thanks to the listeners. I appreciate you all so much. 



Check out Robert at

He has written Mission. Its about Jimmy Stewarts time in WW11 as a flyer and his reentry into Hollywood.

Also The Little Dutch girl about Audrey Hepburn and her time in World War11



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