True Stories Of Tinseltown

I speak to author Roy Widing about Bogies other Baby, Mayo Methot…she was so much more than Sluggy…

November 7, 2020

I talk to Roy Widing about his book..Sluggy: Bogies Other Baby.. Mayo Methot-Star Of Stage, Screen And Wife Of Humphrey Bogart.

I loved Roy's book because I am a fan of Mayo's. A lot of people have not seen her work but if you can catch Virtue, it was on YouTube or the movie where she and Bogie fell in love Marked Women, 1937 you will see her talent and vulnerability shine through. Mayo was Bogarts third wife, the wife he left for Lauren Bacall. She gets a bad wrap because she drank a lot, as did Humphrey. They were known as The Battling Bogarts. He gave her the nickname Sluggy. He also named his boat after her...Sluggy. They were a love match. He liked, loved and admired her. Mayo was bright, talented and made him laugh. The alcohol got the best of her. She pretty much stopped working when she married Bogart. He was not the huge star he became when they married, but became one during the marriage. Find out the truth behind their marriage. Bogart was no abused husband to be sure. He was an equal participant. The book is great and you will find out a very bittersweet tidbit towards the end. 

Thanks so much to Roy for being a great guest. Roy is a very talented songwriter as well so we played ourselves out with his wonderful song, Girl From The Past. It's swoon worthy..

Most of all thanks to my listeners. I so appreciate you all.



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