True Stories Of Tinseltown

I Speak To John DiLeo On His Fab New Book..There Are No Small Parts..100 Outstanding Performances With Screen Time Of Ten Minutes Or Less..What If It’s Ten Minutes Plus 5 seconds…The Horror..

March 4, 2022

I talk to my pal John DiLeo. His new book is wonderful. It's amazing how little time these performers had on screen, but they make HUGE contributions to films. WE did about ten...starting with Elsa Lanchester in her appearance (and it wasn't even close to ten minutes and five seconds) in The Bride Of Frankenstein. It's an iconic role and that film and Elsa will go on forever. We talked some really wonderful performances. It was very hard for me to choose. 

Thanks so much to the fab John. I always enjoy talking to him. His love and knowledge of movies is contagious. 

Mostly thanks to the listeners.

Who Loves you,




Johns Books and There Are No Small Parts

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