True Stories Of Tinseltown

I Talk Molls And Muggs Of Classic Hollywood With Gangster Expert, Author And My Pal Stone Wallace. Was Fayes Dunaway Bonnie Anything Like The real Moll And mucho More..

October 7, 2021

Stone and I talk Molls and Muggs. We also digress and talk other old Hollywood gossip, BUT mainly our Molls and Muggs. Claire Trever was two kinda molls. One was a good soul, the other bad to the bone. We talk Gun crazy, Scarface, Detour, Stone's absolutely numero uno Moll he loves to loathe. She is a bad. Its fun. I missed Stone and we really get into it. 

Thanks so much to Stone for being the best.

Mostly thanks to the listeners. You know I love youse!!



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