True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 2 I talk to Author Dan Van Neste about his book They Coulda Been Contenders, Guess who was a mean Barrymore..

February 26, 2020

I talk to Author Dan Van Neste about his book, They Coulda Been Contenders:Twelve Actors That Should've Been Cinematic Superstars.  Dan picks twelve shoulda's and coulda's. Included the wonderful Zachary Scott best known as Monte Berigon in Mildred Pierce, Marian Marsh, Gloria Stewart, who had a comeback at 86 in The Titanic, John Hodiak best known for Alfred Hitchcocks, Lifeboat. We discuss his marriage to Anne Baxter and his tragic early death and so  much more. Dan also got to interview many of those profiled and we get to know some really great behind the scenes stuff. I enjoyed Dan thoroughly as I did his book.

Thanks so much to Dan for coming on the show. He was great. Mostly thanks to you for listening. You are the best.



Dan Van Neste



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