True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talk to Author Jeff Abraham on his book The Show Won’t Go On.. The Most Shocking, Bizarre, And Historic Deaths Of Performers Onstage

October 24, 2019

I had such fun talking to Jeff. He was so much fun. We talk about many performers dying onstage. Dick Shawn and Tiny Tim were members of the club. I asked Jeff if he would want to die onstage. I thought would I. The answers vary. This is a fun (if morbid...I love morbid) podcast. You will learn the most dangerous showbiz job, magicians can be a little cray cray and so much more. Jeff was a delight. I realized in the middle of taping that this could be a spooktacular..Poor Jeff must have thought I lost my mind when I said "It's a spooktacular and id my pitiful imitation of ghosts. 

The book is a great read. 

Jeff has a website I highly recommend you going to. They have so much great info.

Thanks so much to Jeff for being such a great guest and not hanging up when I start the spooktacular stuff. 

Thanks mostly to my listeners. I may have some exciting news coming up. Fingers crossed.





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