True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talk to author Robert Matzen about his book Mission: Jimmy Stewart And The Fight For Europe. We talk his love of A List actresses too..

August 23, 2020

Three times a charm with my guest Robert Matzen as we talk about his book Mission:Jimmy Stewart And The Fight To Save Europe.  We learn all about James time as a pilot in World War 2 and the horror he experienced. His PTSD, his outlook on life and Hollywood after the war. We also talk about Jimmy's love of A List actresses, who he almost married, his affair with Marlene Dietrich resulting in pregnancy than an abortion.  Jimmy was known as quite the ladies man...WHO KNEW??  Not me..

I want to thank Robert for being my guest again. This was his third visit and he's just great. 

Mostly I want to thank my listeners. You all are the best.



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