True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talk to author Sara Jordan-Heintz about her book Going Hollywood: Midwesterners In Movieland.. Lots of classic stars talk

April 2, 2019

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were two of the twelve of the classic Hollywood people Sara highlighted in her book. We talked Clarks hometown, his two marriages prior to Carole. He basically used them to get him to Hollywood and stay there. Both were 17 years older. We merge to Carole and Clark and talk after Caroles death. After we discuss Clark and Carole we talk Jean Harlow. I love Jeans accent but is it midwestern?? We talk her move to Hollywood with mama Jean. Her stardom, her marriage to Paul Bern, her unhappiness over William Powells stalling on marrying her and of course her tragic death. We then tackle Spencer Tracy. We really don't talk much of the Katherine Hepburn time. Spencer was a very complicated man. He was tortured and when he went on his drunks, he'd disappear for days at a time. I thought he was kind like the character he portrayed in Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, except for being a vicious killer. I learned a lot about him I never knew. We did talk about Katherine Hepburn and Spencer and the rumors that they were only good friends. We talked a bunch of interesting things and people. I want Sara to come back on and talk about the eight others we didn't get to. They are Jane Wyman, Dorothy Dandridge, Rock Hudson, Jean Seberg, Marilyn Maxwell, Jane Russell, Anne Baxter and Louella Parsons. 

Thanks so much to Sara, she knows her classic movies and stars. I had a lot of fun with her. You will like her book a lot. Great read..

Mostly thanks to you listeners. I really appreciate you. 
Love, Grace

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