True Stories Of Tinseltown

I Talk To Jeffrey Spivak about his book Buzz: The Life And Art Of Busby Berkley..So much we never knew..

January 25, 2022

Sorry for my absence. I have four podcasts almost ready to go.

This book is fascinating. We all know about Busby's fab extravaganza's but not too much about his turbulant life. It sure was crazy. If you love his art, will you love Buzz's life?? Check it out.


#classichollywood #busbyberkley #Oldhollywoodmusicals #JeffreySpivak

#classic Hollywood #Busby Berkley #True Stories Of Tinseltown #Jeffrey Spivak

Sorry I've been MIA

You can check out Jeffreys book here

I'm planning on two series, one on dream boats of classic Hollywood and another in March.

Thanks so much again for the fab Jeffrey

Mostly thanks to the listeners!!

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