True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talk to my friend John DiLeo about How classic Hollywood portrayed Heaven and Hell

December 3, 2020

John and I discuss how the afterlife, or near afterlife was depicted in Classic Hollywood. Lots of Angels, from Cary Grant to Clarence the lovable guy from It's a wonderful life. I ask the question is there food in heaven?? John does not want to just float on a cloud and play the Harp. WE touch on reincarnation too. 

One I forgot to mention is The Twilight Zone Episode A Man And His Dog. Heaven seems like it would be lots of fun. Its a fab episode and The Old Mans Dog actually saves him from taking the wrong road to Hell. The St Peter imposter said dogs were not allowed in Heaven. The dog barked near the entrance and at the man. The Old Man says I won't go to Heaven if you don't take my dog so he keeps on walking. They come across the real entrance to Heaven where his loyal dog is happily joining his guy in the heavenly place.. I love this episode. WE don't see heaven, but it sounds like fun. 

Thanks so much to John for being a fab guest once again. You can find all Johns books here.


Thanks most to the listeners. You are the best~~




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