True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talk to the fab Laurie Jacobson about her new book. TV dinners 40 classic tv kid stars dish up fave recipes and memories. Wheres Larry Mondello??

May 13, 2020

I had a great time talking to my friend Laurie Jacobson about her new book TV Dinners..40 Classic TV Kid Stars Dish Up Favorite Recipes And Memories. We had so much fun catching up and talking about her book. She knows all the folks in the book because she became a member of the kid stars family after she married Jon Provost, who was Timmy in The Lassie Show. There are so many of our faves. Veronica and Angela Cartwright. They were from England and both so talented. You remember Veronica for her amazing performances in The Birds and The Children's Hour. Veronica continued acting as an adult. I've just recently been watching The X Files..I know 20 years later. Veronica had a major recurring part. Angela was known for Make Room For Daddy, Lost In Space and The Sound Of Music. She is now a wonderful artist. Lots of scoops. 

We talk the Leave It To Beaver Crew..Larry Mondello was missing, now he's found. The Walton's The Brady Bunch, The Dick Van Dyke show, My Three Sons and so many more. They all give fave food as kids, then give yummy recipes as adults. It will make you long for wonder bread, peanut butter and Marshmallow fluff. 

This is a fun podcast for these crazy days. I read the book curled up and just enjoyed seeing what happened to all these wonderful kid stars that have brightened many a generations day.

I thank Laurie so much for coming on. We did a few scoops ourselves. She is so much fun and I love her. 

Mostly thanks to my listeners. I'm so excited to have heard from people that have just stumbled across the podcast. 

I love you all, from my long time listeners on down. Please be safe. 



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