True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talk to Tom Foran, son of Dick Foran. Dick did many westerns as a whoop ee ti yi a singing cowboy. He was also know as the heartthrob of The B’s

January 31, 2021

I so enjoyed my talk with Tom. We talked Dicks friendships with Jimmy and Duke...Henry Fonda and many others. Dick was in great flicks like Dangerous, The Petrified Forest and a good one for all to check out Black Legion. He did lots of films and television. Was Trigger a diva? Dick's costar horse Smokey, his character's name was Smoke. There was a terrible rivalry between Smokey and Trigger..PS Tom talked after the show about a not nice guy...I'll never tell..I promised..


Thanks so much to Tom.. You were fab. I had lots of fun. 

Thanks mostly to my listeners (Tom is one of you). You are the best.



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