True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talk to David Fantle and Tom Johnson about their wonderful book Hollywood Heyday: 75 Candid Interviews with Golden Age Legends. Fred Astaire started them off

March 11, 2019

I had so much fun talking to David and Tom. They were absolutely adorable. They were a couple teenagers from the midwest that saw the film "Thats Entertainment" and they became fans of all things classic Hollywood. They decided to write the classic stars for interviews. Much to their delight they heard back from Fred Astaire and an interview was set up. They were 18 years old and fresh out of high school. They had to get the money together to fly to L.A.. They got the tickets and decked out in their new suits they were off. They were too young to drive in CA. so they found a cheapo motel that was close enough to Freds to walk and boom, there they were with their idol Fred. Fred was kind, charming, funny and they loved him. Fred opened the doors for talking to other greats"Fred talked to you, I guess its OK." They have wonderful stories on Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen and his then wife Yvette Mimieux, Gregory Peck (swoon), Tippi Hedren, Tan Man George Hamilton, Charlton Heston, Angie Dickinson, Lucille Ball, Andre Previn, Jimmy Cagney, Mickey Rooney, a Hilarios story about lunch with Virginia Mayo and a three hour talk with RJ, alias Robert Wagner. He dished and dished. I'm sure they didn't tell me everything. There are so many interviews we did not get to, like fifty. The book is a joy to read. You will love David and Tom. They also did the last interviews of Stanley Donen, Andre Previn and Mike Connors. I highly recommend the book. It's a must read for classic movie fans. 

Thanks so much for Dave and Tom for coming on the show. PS Tom, you don't look like Art Carney..
Mostly thanks to the listeners. I have more great guests coming up.

Heres a link to Tom and Daves book.

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