True Stories Of Tinseltown

Season 2 Episode 1..I talk to my friend and author John O’Dowd about his new book, Barbara Payton: A Life In Pictures.. Lots of good info..

January 21, 2019

I talk to author and my friend John O'Dowd on his new book Barbara Payton: Her Life In Pictures. It's a wonderful book. Lots of never before scene photos. It starts with Barbra's birth and ends at her very sad demise at the age of 39. We go through chapter by chapter talking about Barbara's films and interludes with men. WE talk her very loyal son John Lee Payton and so much more. We both believe Barbara did everything to herself but that she was mentally ill. Barbara had some serious demons. Get a cup of java or glass wine and listen to the story of the  fascinating and tragic life of Barbara Payton..
Thanks so much to my friend John O'Dowd. John definitely knows his Barbara. He wrote an amazing biography and had her families blessings called Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: The Barbara Payton story. Along with Barbara Payton Her Life in pictures. You can get both books on amazon. Kiss tomorrow Goodbye, hopefully becomes a movie soon

Here is Johns author page from Amazon;

Mostly thanks so much to the listeners. I so appreciate it. I have some fun guests coming up. 


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