True Stories Of Tinseltown

I Talk ToThe Fab Sandy Grabman about Peggy Ann Garner and Sandy’s Book Plain Beautiful. Big time Sad Life

June 10, 2021

I talk to the sweetest woman, Sandy Grabman about her book Plain Beautiful: The Life Of Peggy Ann Garner. Peggy had a pretty rough life. Since she was a child her mom was in and out of the slammer. Her whole life was Peggy and felt she was a star too. Peggy's incredibly tumultuous adulthood, drugs and alcohol, and her own daughter doing drugs at eight. Its a fabulous book, but a sad story. 

Thanks so much to Sandy. She wrote the book 16 years ago, so she reread and we got the story together. 

Sandy's Amazon page. Check out how cute she is. I truly loved her.

Mostly thanks to the listeners and that means YOU!

Much love,


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