True Stories Of Tinseltown

I talked to the lovely Monika Henreid, the daughter of Paul Henreid, on being the daughter of Hollywood star and documentary she is making about her dad.

March 20, 2019

The lovely Monika Henreid was such a doll to come on the show.  She tells us what it's like growing up as Hollywood royalty, much about her mom and dad and the documentary she is working on "Paul Henreid: Beyond Victor Laszlo...a daughters memoir. She tells us what it was like to star with Bette Davis and be directed by her dad in Dead Ringer. Paul was many things besides being an actor, he was a director, he directed a few movies and loads of television. He directed almost THIRTY episodes of Alfred Hitchcock presents. I love that show. So many great stories. Paul was a loving husband and devoted dad. I wondered when in Now Voyager Bette and Paul blew smoke in each others faces, how one of them didn't choke. I also found out the truth behind the two cigarette in mouth light up. Many folks have taken credit for that. Monika also makes appearances. She's gone to many of The Key Largo movie festivals hosted by Steven Bogart. I saw Steven being interviewed by TCM's Eddie Muller and was surprised at how much his eyes look like his moms. Monika did not notice. Everyone thinks he's like Bogies twin. Somebody please check him out and see if I'm correct. We learn much about Paul and Monika. Also Monika gives you the link to donate money to get her dream project made.
Thanks so much to  the lovely Monika for coming on the show. I hope she will come on again when the documentary is completed.

Thanks mostly to the listeners. I have lots of great guests coming up. 

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