True Stories Of Tinseltown

It’s A Spooktacular Show. I Have Author Gregory William Mank Take Us Behind The Scenes Of Classic Horror Films….

October 30, 2018

This is my Halloween Special podcast..I have on Author Gregory William Mank who wrote so many wonderful books on classic horror films. He has also written biographies as well. His upcoming book will be on Dr Frankenstein himself, Colin Clive. 
I had such a great time talking to Greg. He has met people from the classic horror genre and written some great books. We talked Boris Karloff and what a sweetie he was. Also what bothered him so much in Frankenstein that he regretted his entire life. We talk Bela Lugosi and his charming Dracula, Cat People, The Black Cat and so much more. Then he gives us his choices for a fun Halloween (or anytime) viewing..
Thanks so much to Greg for being such a great guest..He is welcome back anytime. He has written a number of wonderful books and will be releasing a biography on Dr Frankenstein himself, Colin Clive..
Thanks to my listeners. I really appreciate you giving a listen..
Gregory William Mank

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