True Stories Of Tinseltown

Join April and I for our 2021 Summer Series on Sultry Brunettes Of Classic Hollywood..First Up Norma Shearer..Maybe you say..HUH?? She was a Precode Siren..

July 14, 2021

April and I are so happy to do out third summer series. This year we are doing Sultry Brunettes of Classic Hollywood. Our first choice may be controversial, but I think you'll understand why we put her first. WE will be talking about Hedy Lamarr, Jane Russell, Linda Darnell, Liz Taylor, Ava and I know I'm missing someone. 

WE hope you enjoy. 

Thanks so much,

Grace and April





I've been off Facebook for a while. I needed to take a break for a while,I think the pandemic affected me more than I thought.. but for those that haven't visited I have lots of Tinseltown tidbits and loads of great photo's. I will be posting again.


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