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My Friend Leah From The Blog Cary Grant Won’t Eat You, Discuss A Few Damsels In Distress….Spoilers…

October 28, 2019

Leah and I discuss four movie damsels in distress. No, none were tied to railroad tracks, but they were damsels none the less. Poor Paula, played by Ingrid Bergman is having some major trouble with her mysterious dreamboat in Gaslight. Next we discuss Mary, played by Loretta Young, who's new husband may be a NAHHHHHHtttzee (that's how Loretta pronounces Nazi. Orson Welles plays the dastardly fiend. Will Nazi hunter Edward G Robinson save the day..The ending is absolutely ridiculous. Our next Damsel is Mae Clark as Myra in the 1931 version of Waterloo Bridge. Myra worked in shows during WW1 but her show closes and she finds nothing else so she becomes a prostitute. One night during an air raid she meets a nice American guy that came to Europe to fight in the war, He buys some fish and chips and Myra brings him home. Its all above board and Douglass Montgomery, who plays Roy is so sweet and adorable, falls in love with Myra. He has no clue that she is a member of the worlds oldest profession. Eventually he finds out what Myra is but asks her to marry him. Myra has fallen in love, but she knows its not to be.She is not being terrorized by a man, but the war. Look for a young Bette Davis in a very small role as Roy's sister. I like this version and also the 1940 version. Our final damsel is Barbara Stanwyck in Sorry Wrong Number. Barbara plays Leona Stevenson, a spoiled rich girl/woman that falls for Burt Lancaster, as Henry Stevenson. Leona gets attacks when something doesn't go her way. She believes she has heart trouble. She ends up staying in bed. Leona hears two men talking about a murder and tries to get the police to help. They are sure, lady. We go through Leona's very bad day, with plenty of flashbacks. Yes, Leona was not a nice person but she was still a damsel. There are total spoilers so if you've never seen these films be warned..


Thanks so much to Leah. I love her perspective on the films and damsels. 


Thanks mostly to the listeners, you are so great..




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