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My Guest Is My Friend Leah From The Fab Blog Cary Grant Wont Eat You. We Talk Obsessive Love, Suspicion, Notorious, Scarlet Street And Could WE EVER BE Mata Hari’s…

November 17, 2018

I had a great time talking movies with my friend Leah who has the fabulous blog, Cary Grant Won't Eat You.. We talked obsessive love. Poor Edward G Robinson in Scarlet Street. Claude Rains obsessive and blinded by love feelings for Alicia played by Ingrid Bergman. Cary Grant was not very nice to Ingrid until the end of the movie.We also talked Suspicion and Lina's obsession with Johnny. Did Johnny kill the wonderful Beeky, and why did he need an untraceable poison if he was going to kill himself. We talk the book and the changes they made for the movie that Alfred Hitchcock was not happy with. One tidbit in the book is that Cary/Johnny had a fling with the maid Ethel. Maybe that's why she got the fox fur stole and Beeky only got a walking stick. We also discuss the ending that was a huh?? WE then got into another Hitchcock film talking about Mrs Danvers incredibly unhealthy obsession with the late Mrs de Winter also known as Rebecca. Who can forget her creepily showing the new Mrs de Winter Rebeccas see through lingerie. Maxim was not very nice to wife number 2 with no name. It looks like he eventually stops being a pompous poop at the end.. It was a fast moving fun show

Thanks to Leah for once again being a great guest.

Thanks for listening. I have some really great shows coming up. I really appreciate you all so much.


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