True Stories Of Tinseltown

My Guest IsThe Wonderful Ruta Lee. We Talk Her Book, Consider Your Kissed. She is so fab. We talk Frank S , Twilight Zone And So Much More.

March 9, 2022

I talk to the warm, wonderful showbiz gal, Ruta Lee. Ruta wrote a book called Consider Your Ass Kissed..Love that title. Ruta and I taped this just after New Years But As you hear in the beginning we could not salvage the first 6 minutes. Three different people tried but nope, so I am going to go ahead, they did what they could...Thanks guys.. without the missing minutes. The rest of our talk is great. She is a true show biz survivor and talks about some of the wonderful people and roles she had along the way. 

This is Ruta talking about what this wonderful charity is. The whole website gives you loads of info.

You can buy Ruta's book anywhere book are  sold.

Her book is also on Kindle. As I said, reading it is like you are with a friend. Lots of great behind the scenes showbiz stuff and Ruta's fascinating and wonderful life.


Thanks so much to Ruta. I deeply apologize for the delay. I test everyone to see how they and we sound. Everyone thats been on my show would tell you that.  Also when I start taping I keep an eye on the sound levels. All looked AOK but nope. I sent to one of the best guys in biz, he had lots on his plate but I finally got it back.  It really is a fun listen and Ruta is a treasure.

Thanks most o all to my listeners. You are the best.

Much Love,


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