True Stories Of Tinseltown

My guests and I all tell a movie we are thankful for. It’s not necessarily our faves, but ones that mean a lot to us.

November 29, 2019

 Today my guests April VeVea, Stone Wallace, Lisa Sanita, John O'Dowd, Dayna Decarlo, Anthony Miranda and I talk about a movie we are thankful for. Some of our choices were life changers in one way or other. We are all lovers of classic films and it's hard to choose just one. Which are you thankful for??

I know for sure I'm thankful to my wonderful guests. Also all the other great folks that have come on my podcast this year. 

I'm thankful to TCM, classic movie lovers, the wonderful group on my facebook page and mostly to you all that listen to the podcast. You are the best.

Have a safe a wonderful thanksgiving!






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