True Stories Of Tinseltown

My Summer Series starts today with my pal April VeVea Whitaker. We are doing iconic love stories from classic Holiywood. Our first love couple is Gable and Lombard. What a story..

June 19, 2020

Yay, we, April VeVea Whitaker and I are finally starting our summer series on Iconic love stories of classic Hollywood. We are starting with Gable and Lombard, they had happiness, Clark still cheating. Then of course Caroles tragic demise. WE discuss how they met and what Clark became after Carole died. 

Sit back or run or garden with water, a cup of Joe, Beer or wine and enjoy our journey with our Iconic love stories. 

Thanks so much to my pal April for doing this with me. Our blonde bombshell series was lots of fun and I know the listeners will enjoy this. WE've got some great love stories coming up..I have a new friend name for April and I, Grapril. I know Cornball deluxe.

You can find April at and on twitter and instagram

Mostly thanks to the listeners. If you have any classic Hollywood pals tell them to give this show a listen. There really is something for everyone.

Love you all,



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