True Stories Of Tinseltown

Our fifth Blondeshell is the peekaboo girl Veronica Lake. We talk her movies, her hair and her life driven by alcoholism.

August 21, 2019

April VeVea is with me again to talk about our fifth blond bombshell (April calls her a pocket bombshell) Veronica Lake. We talk Veronica's rapid rise to stardom and her rapid decline, which was hastened by her alcoholism and mental illness. Veronica was disked by many of her peers and directors. She may have been a pocket bombshell, but she was a tough one. After Hollywood Veronica did some theatre and television shows then she just disappeared. She was discovered by a customer she had been waiting on at a bar. She was back in the limelight. She wrote a book and thought Hollywood would be calling her back. She was wrong. WE talk her final years and dying of liver disease caused by her alcoholism at the age of 50. 

Thanks so much to April for being such a great guest. 

Mostly thanks to the listeners. I so appreciate it.





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