True Stories Of Tinseltown

Our Next Stage Mother Is Shirley Temples Mom Gertrude…I think she was a beast…April thought not that beastly. What do you think??

May 30, 2022

On our stage mom series we get to Mrs Temple. She again wore the pants in the family. Mr Temple was besieged by women wishing he would plant his seed (so to speak) in their garden, so they could have their very own Shirley Temple to make a star.  Gertrude was not too keen on the idea. Gertrude pushed her little trooper all the way. Shirley was precocious, how couldn't she be and was quite open about her adult co stars mistakes. Some of them wanted to slug her, but decided to wait until her eighteenth Birthday. Unsurprisingly, Shirley earned mucho dinero, also unsurprisingly it was pretty much gone when she hit the age to get it all.  Another point to ponder..Is this a tale of a stage mother or a Shirley Bio..April and I debate. I just love April so much. 

Thanks to my dear partner in crime, April VeVea. I loves you Baby!!


Thanks to Deborah for giving us the topic. Heres info on Deborahs book.

Check out my true story published on Amazon/Kindle: Center of Mass
          Not the right genre for Tinseltown but a pretty amazing account of how women
          were “tortured” in law enforcement in the 70s & 80s. I was the first female patrol
          Officer & first female K-9 handler in Washington DC. 

Riveting story


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