True Stories Of Tinseltown

Our Sixth Blonde Bombshell is the so beautiful and so tragic Carole Landis

August 29, 2019

My Blonde Bombshell expert April VeVea and I take on our 6th Blondeshell the gorgeous and very tragic Carole Landis. I did a podcast over a year ago with Caroles biographer Eric Gans, and we covered Caroles whole short life. April and I discuss her career, her marriages, Rex Harrison and ultimately her suicide. Some people, even Caroles relatives think Rex had a hand in her death. We discuss it all.


Thanks to April for joining me in the summer series of the history of blonde bombshells. She is such a great guest and has a treasure trove of knowledge about classic movie blondes. 


Mostly, thanks to the listeners. You are the best. Lots of great stuff coming up. 







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