True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 1 I TALK TO Author Mark Griffin. He Wrote A Great BIO ON ROCK HUDSON Called, ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS: A Biography Of Rock Hudson…

February 16, 2019

I talked to Rock Hudson Biographer Mark Griffin about his new book All That Heaven Allows: Rock Hudson A Biography. His book takes us through Rocks childhood, his struggling days in L.A. to him meeting Henry Wilson, agent to a stable of pretty boys. He took on Rock and eventually, after roles as Indians and small parts Rock achieved superstardom from the Douglas Sirk film Magnificent Obsession. Rock was reunited with Jane Wyman in one of my fave  Rock movies, All That Heaven Allows. Who could pass up the deliciously nasty Mona Plasch..We talk about Rocks personal life being in the closet. Confidential magazine was going to out Rock as gay so allegedly Henry Wilson gave them Rory Calhoun was a jailbird..I couldn't imagine they'd trade for that. It looks like Henry Wilson threw Tab Hunter under the bus in an article about a boys PJ party raided by the police. As Rock was nearing 30 the rags would wonder if Rock would finally settle down, or was something wrong with him. At thirty Henry Wilson arranged dating and a marriage between Rock and Henrys secretary Phyllis Gates. Phyllis claimed she had NO IDEA Rock was gay. You will find out more that Phyllis did. Matt talked all Rocks best movies, Rocks loves and how horrible it must have been for Rock to lead a double life.  He had to be very trusting and careful that none  of his past loves had compromising  pictures or letters from him. I can't imagine what that did to him emotionally and physically. We wind our way down to Rocks TV career to Rock finding out he had the Aids virus. He had a blotch on his neck and was actually diagnosed by his dermatologist. We talk the famous Linda Evans, Rock kiss and Rocks final days. Rock was the first famous person to put a face to AIDS . Especially such a beloved one. This is broken into three parts. Matt is fabulous and my heart went out to Rock. I'm not the only person to think the book was wonderful. Universal, Rocks old studio optioned the book to be a major motion picture. 

Thanks so much to Mark for being such a great guest. I learned so much more then I ever knew about Rock. He meticulously wrote this book. Lots of great contacts. It took him four years. 
Mostly thanks to the audience. I so appreciate you listening.

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