True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 1 I talk to Author Stone Wallce about film noir, gangsters in the fifties and was Ma Barker just a sweet little old country lady..

December 29, 2019

It was a lot of fun talking about the end of the forties and fifties gangster flicks.He tells us how it changed in the fifties. He also told me that it could be a falsehood that Ma Barker was the mastermind of her brood. Could it be possible she was just a simple country woman that gave birth to four sons that just happened to be psychopaths?? I'd be devastated if the Shelley Winters Ma Barker movie was not fact..

WE talk about Richard Conte, Sterling Hayden, Tough broads and lots more. WE digress every now and then but its always about classic films and actors. Also two gangsters that are most definitely in love. 

Thanks to Stony for coming on

Mostly thanks to my listeners!

I hope 2020 is a happy healthy one for you all. 



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