True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 1 I talk to George Raft Biographer Stone Wallace. We discuss the men behind the machine guns….

July 8, 2019

had Stone on before to talk about his very interesting biography of George Raft:The Man That Would Be Bogart.. This show we discuss the usual mobsters, Cagney, Bogart, Raft, Edward G Robinson and Paul Muni as Scarface. Stone talks about less known gangsters. One of my personal favorites ins Jack LaRue. He was handsome, brutal and the perfect gangster. We talked Richard Widmark's breakthrough film as Tommy UDO, the giggling psycho that pushes an old lady in a wheelchair, laughing all the way in the film Kiss Of Death. IRL Richard was a kumbaya kind of guy that went fishing once, caught a fish and felt bad he killed it. No more fishing for Richard. Also Chester Morris, we talked which version of The Three Godfathers we liked best. The Chester Morris, or John Wayne one. Some many gangsters and so little time. We wanted to get Dan Duryea and others there. We had fun and Stone knows his stuff. 

Thanks much to Stone. He is so fun and knowledgable. He's also my friend. 
Here's a list of Stones books. His newest is a noir fiction called Requiem For A Gangster. Good Read..

Stones website

Thanks mostly for the listeners. I promise to be consistent with my posting. 


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