True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 2 of my talk with Jayne Mansfield Biographer April Vevea…It’s Divoon…

March 3, 2019

It's part 2 of my chat with April Vevea about her book Puffblicity and Jayne Mansfield.
This episode deals with the late 50's until her death in 1967 at the age of 34. We talk Jaynes divorce from Mickey Hargitay., her second brief marriage, her horrible meeting with The Beatles, her starring in film and doing nude scenes. I never knew Jaynes playboy spread was the highest selling playboy to this day. The mid sixties are trying times for Jayne as she takes up drinking. She finally goes to small dinner clubs and after one of her shows, she and her posse head to New Orleans, but never make it after the car crashes into a truck and literally goes under it. April fills us in on the truth about her death, was she or wasn't she a Satanist and the final battle of the husbands. Very interesting stuff. Her follow up to Puffblicity covering the sixties will be out very soon. 

Again, Thank you to April for coming on the show and being so great.

Mostly thanks to the listeners. I have some great guests coming up.


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