True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 2 of Spooktacular. Stone And I talk Horror Movies From 60‘s, 70‘s and eighties. Our Recording Was Haunted…Really

October 29, 2021

Stone and I were merrily talking horror films. We had gone about 45:00 minutes. All of a sudden I see it only recorded 32.00 minutes. We had to go back to figure where to start off again. Then this piece of wire came out again. It has NEVER happened during one of my podcasts, let alone happen twice. I was on it right away. So I edited and hopefully it flows. Also when I listened, sentences where repeated almost on top of the regular sentence. Very Creepy. It was a spooky spooktacular taping. Stone and I were at it for over 2 and a half hours. I sound it. Sorry. Stone was drinking coffee so he sounded as perky as ever. He does his Peter Lorre impersonation, which is great but his Dracula is fab.  I pronounced Stanley Kubrick like Stanley KEWWWWWbrick. Ugh.

Anyhow it was a spooky but fun spooktacular. Thanks so much to Stone for being so great. He is the best. 

You can check out his books here.

Thanks to Stone for your patience.

Mostly thanks to the listeners. I love you guys




Happy Halloween!! Be safe!!

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