True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 5 of iconic love stories of Classic Hollywood are the musical couple Betty Grable and Harry James…Harry rumbled with George Raft over Betty..

July 19, 2020

On part 5 of iconic love stories of classic Hollywood my pal April VeVea Whitaker and I discuss Pin up Betty Grable and Harry James. They both had crazy childhoods. They met and it was KABOOM. The problem was Harry was still married to wife numero uno and Betty was involved in a two year on and off relationship with George Raft. After some drama they married. Harry was on the road a lot and Betty stayed in Hollywood doing movies. They both got addicted to booze and gambling. Their daughters definitely did not think Betty was Mommy Bestest. She was distant and could sometimes be abusive. Harry was away he got to be Disneyland dad. There was infidelity, IRS problems and after a while absence did not make the heart grow fonder. Betty found out about Harry's infidelity (she had heard rumors but chose to ignore them) in a gossip column so that was it after 22 years of marriage. We talk after the divorce up to their deaths. We believe they loved each other up until the end. 

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