True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 5 We talk Marilyn’s death and theories that are still debated today..

October 4, 2019

 April and I finish our history of Blonde Bombshells series, with Marilyns final days, the day of her death and the various theories on how she died. Was it suicide, unintentional suicide, or murder. 

April did a two year radio panel discussion where they read numerous official papers, and much research. April believes Marilyn either committed suicide, or accidental death. Given her intensive study of this specific subject I very much respect her opinion. In a couple months I will have someone who believes her death was much more nefarious than April. I know the two sides are equally adamant. AS I said I respect all of Aprils opinions because of all her intensive research. All I know is that Marilyn was the bombshells of all bombshells. She had charisma and a radiance that jumped off the screen. Men, loved her , so did women. She was beautiful and lonely. Men used her. However she  died, she left this world way too soon. 

Thanks so much to April for doing this series with me. She is so great.


Thanks mostly to the listeners. I hope you enjoyed the summer series. 









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