True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 1 I talk to Tom Johnson and David Fantle on their fabulous book Hollywood Heyday: 75 Candid Interviews With Golden Age Legends..Fred Astaire started it all

December 5, 2019

Tom and David join me once again. WE did an interview about a year ago and we talked about some of their interviews, but there were so many legends and so little time. WE discuss the wonderful chutzpah of youth. Both were fresh out of High school in Minnesota, had written fan letters to Fred Astaire. Fred Invited them to interview him. Armed with their trusty pen and paper and two groovy 70's polyester suits It was Hollywood he we come. WE talk Lucy, Ted Knight, grumpy Uncle Fester, Jaqueline Bisett and her famous tee shirt scene, my boyfriend Ed ASner, Gene Kelly, Robert Wagner..Please call me R.J...and so many more. Find out who there fave interviews were with. The book is a great read with wonderful insight. It all started with Fred..If Fred Talked to you, you must be OK. Lots of great stories.


Thanks so much to Tom and Dave. Some of the audio is a little weird as we were all in different places. My editor tried to get the sound more balanced.


Please check out their book. I highly recommend. They make some really funny observations.


Thanks so much to my listeners. You all are the best. 




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