True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part 1 I talked to the April Vevea about Jayne Mansfield. We talk all about Jayne. We get to the bottom of the infamous Sophia Loren checking out with disdain Jaynes ample cleavage

March 1, 2019

had such a good time talking to Author April Vevea about Jayne Mansfield and her photo book about Jayne, Puffblicity. Jayne was a trip. She was certainly unique. Part 1 Covers her early life and her quest to become the bombshell with the mostest. We talk her never ending quest for puffblicity, meeting Mickey Hargitay and stealing him from Mae West. I found out she really said divoon and was she really poor in her unfurnished pink palace and so much more..Part two gets into the sixties and Jaynes sad decline and eventual death. 

Thanks so much to April. She was a lot of fun.

Mostly thanks to the listeners. I hope you enjoy learning about Jayne as much as I did..



Her book

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