True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part1 of Sultry Brunettes about mega sultry Elizabeth Taylor.. We go up to Cleopatra, Just Before Burton..

September 7, 2021

Part 1 of April and I of La liz (April says there's no La Liz) Love April "Just the facts ma'am." WE did this on the day Ed Asner died  and mention the big teddy bear. WE talk Elizabeths birth to her child stardom, moving quickly into adult roles. We talk her marriages to brute Conrad Hilton, Older steady guy Michael Wilding, and true scuzz bucket Eddie Fisher. Next up, Richard Burton, her affair with car salesman Henry Wynberg, All's right in the world brief marriage numero dose with Burton, Her love affair with Shah of Iran family member, before his regime was toppled, her marriage to John Warner. Very unhappy time for Elizabeth. She was living on a farm in Virginia. In her unhappiness she turned to food and booze. Finally her marriage to Larry Fortensky. We will go into the end period of this amazing woman's life. La Liz FOREVER.. Dame Elizabeth was some kind of woman. 

Thanks April for doing this summer series with me.



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