True Stories Of Tinseltown

Part1..April And I Talk About Judy Garlands Stage Mom Ethel Gumm..She Was Awful And Got Her Daughter Addicted To Drugs When She was A Child…W

June 10, 2022

April was the bees knees taking us through Judy's horrible childhood, from the family being run out of TOWNS, because of her fathers indiscretions with teen boys. Ethel's unrelenting push to make Judy a star. I was kind of low key. I had no idea why. I took Advil before show because I wiped out. After podcast I discovered I took Advil PM by mistake. I'm surprised I wasn't snoring.

Thanks so much to April as always.

We have Natalie Wood and Gypsy Rose Lee's momma next.

Thanks so much for listening.

You all are the BEST!

Love you..




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