True Stories Of Tinseltown

Put On Your Tap Shoes. Today The Fab John DiLeo and I Talk Broadway To Film. Marnie Nixon..Too Dub Or Not To Dub..

November 2, 2021

In the first minute nothing was edited but I guess the download did. SPOOOOOOOOKKKY.. Not much was missed except I explain I've done no musical shows because it's not my fave genre. Never Fear...John is here and he knows them all. We talk Broadway to Screen adaptations. Poor Julie Andrews lost two of her Broadway shows to Audrey Hepburn in MY Fair Lady, and Vanessa Redgrave in Camelot. WE talk dubbing, dueling  A Star Is Born, Babs and much more. John chose the topic and he lead the pack and was so great. I learned a lot to.

Thank you to John. You are always Great. 

Check out John's authors page. So many great books. One is coming out in FEb. Cant wait to talk about it..

Thanks so much to the listeners. You all are truly the best. 

Mucho Love,



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