True Stories Of Tinseltown

Season 2 Part 2 Opens with William Wellman JR. Actor and son of director “Wild” Bill Wellman..We talk Rebel Wild Bill..

October 13, 2019

Part 2 of my talk with Bill Wellman, son of William Wellman was an amazing director, feisty and yes, wild. His movie Wings won the first best picture Oscar in 1927. We talk his young pilot days in WW1, his making his way to Hollywood, first doing a bit part in a silent film, then becoming an amazing director of such classics as Public Enemy, he was the Oscar-winning screenwriter-director of the original Star Is Born (1937), Night Nurse, Heroes For Sale, which he cast his own wife as the tomboy on the road during the depression, The Ox Bow Incident, Nothing Sacred, G.I. Joe and so many more. He could direct comedies, drama, war movies and westerns. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed his films. Many were precode. He had a tempestuous love life being married 4 times before he met his fifth and final wife Dorothy. They had SEVEN kids. His Homelife was stable but Wild bill often butted heads with the studio, the producers, the actors and whoever else might have angered him. He wanted truth in his films, he achieved it. He was also fiercely loyal of his crew and would step up to the plate for them many times. Find out who his favorite actress was and a couple of the stars that shunned Bill Jr. This is an info filled podcast of an amazing man that lived life, a bit hard at times and an amazing writer/director. 

We talk Tab Hunter, what it was like for Bill to work for his dad and so much more..

Thanks so much to Bill for giving me his time. I highly recommend his book. It took Bill 8 years to write and its wonderful.

Also catch the documentary tribute to his dad. I enjoyed it immensely. Many of the actors that worked with WW had lots to say. He certainly was a rebel and a character. You can catch it on youtube

Thanks to all you listeners. You are the best. 


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