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Stage Mom Number 2 Is Ginger Rogers Mother Lela. Lela Was Accomplished In Her Own Right, But It Was Truly All About Ginger..WEDDING CAKE MUST SEE!!!

May 10, 2022

First of all Happy Late Mom's day! I was at family reunion so no computer. Was supposed to post this Sunday..


April and I do part 2 of Stage Moms. Today we talk about Ginger Rogers mom Lela. She would do anything to make her daughter a star, and she did. Ginger as we all know was amazingly talented, she trusted her Lela and Lela was not only her mom, she was her BFF. That wasn't too great for any of Gingers 5 hubby's. Studio execs loathed her, and it's alleged the movie The Hard Way was based on Lela and Ginger.  Ida Lupino starred as Joan Leslies big sister that will do anything to make sis a star...and she did.

The picture of Ginger and Lew Ayers in front of their wedding cake..I'll post.. RUN LEW, RUN. Their marriage lasted under two years. Lew thought three's a crowd and literally told her to back to Lela's home..

Again thanks to Deborah for the idea. Our final four are pretty rotten moms. Next up Betty Grable, then Shirley Temple, Natalie Wood, and Gypsy Rose Lee's mom, Rose Hovick..

Thanks to my partner in crime April. You are the best..

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Mostly thanks so much to the listeners..YOU ARE THE BEST!!

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I'll be talking to George Stevens Jr. on Thursday. What a life. He knows all classic Hollywood peeps, then moves to Washington and knows JFK, RFK, Jackie O, and Grace Kelly. What a life!!!