True Stories Of Tinseltown

Sultry Brunette Jane Russell Is Our Topic Of The Day.I Was Amazed At how Much Jane Spilled In Her Memoir

August 21, 2021

April and I talk Sultry Brunette's of Classic Hollywood. This time is our lovely full figured girl (playtex bra commercials)Jane Russell. She was discovered by Howard Hughes and her memoir is very honest. Juicy even. I give her major props on her book. 

She talks abortion, infidelity and so much more..If the part about Jane and brief statement was not cut, it was in no way political or judgmental.

April is the best. I love her.


Next week is Elizabeth Taylor. From her birth to her death. Sultry brunette deluxe. 

Thanks to the listeners. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you.

Much love,



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