True Stories Of Tinseltown

The History of blonde bombshell ends with 6 part podcasts on Marilyn Monroe. She was the bombshell of bombshells. So fascinating, so tragic.

September 12, 2019

My guest April VeVea and I talk Marilyn from her early years as Norma Jean to becoming Marilyn Monroe. We go up to 1956. In next installment will be 1956 until 1962, the finale will be the days before Marilyns death, her death and the questions that still linger. We will discuss the different theories that are out there. 


This podcast is about Marilyns sad childhood to her quest for stardom and her eventual superstardom. We talk her marriage to Joe DiMaggio, her career, the films she did and her search for more. Marilyn is such a fascinating woman. We talked a lot. We hope you enjoy it. 


Thanks so much to April VeVea for doing the series with me. She is so great. 


Mostly thanks to the listeners. You are the best. please pass the word to other classic movie fans. I have so many great guests coming up.





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